Saturday, September 26, 2009

RadioWeave UI - ground under repair

Ok, ok. We get it. Many of you have been telling us that our website's UI is kinda ugly and a bit convoluted. But we're also glad to hear that you want us to succeed. Thanks for that.

A UX friend recently told us that, charitably, the website looks like it was designed by a couple of engineers. And she's absolutely right. So please bear with us and the website's current utilitarian and slightly geeky design while we work on giving it a facelift (it actually looks a lot better than it used to in the weeks before our public release, if you can believe that).

If anyone has any specific comments about things on or our iPhone app that are especially ugly, hard to use, or just plain don't make sense, let us know. Please.

RadioWeave 1.0 Product Launch at DEMOfall09

We launched RadioWeave 1.0, both website and iPhone application, this week at DEMOfall09 in San Diego. It was an honor to be accepted into this year's DEMO lineup, and to become part of their "proud 19 year history of launching emerging technologies that disrupt old and define new markets."

At DEMO you're allowed just six minutes on stage to present your new product to the world. Here is what we did for those six minutes:

I'm sure there's at least one Oscar-worthy performance in that presentation.

Thanks to the whole DEMO crew and the other presenting companies and attendees who were all so supportive and fun to hang with, and thanks to the many press outlets who covered our part in the event (and especially to USAToday for recognizing RadioWeave as one of their start-ups to watch).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ready to launch...

wait for it...

wait for it...

tick... tick...