Friday, June 4, 2010

Facebook and RadioWeave are now friends.

Thanks to the latest RadioWeave feature, Facebook Integration, here's what happened:

I'm walking my dog, listening to RadioWeave, and I hear my wife's Facebook update "Surprising Brent with a feta-spinach-egg-substitute-omelet. Aren't I a good little wifey!" I'm now quite happy for at least two reasons 1) Our new feature worked: I can now hear Facebook on my radio, and 2) I've got an omelet waiting for me at home (my only concern now is how to act surprised).

Facebook/RadioWeave integration means you can now:
  • log in to RadioWeave with your Facebook id
  • hear your latest News Feed updates read to you
  • share recordings you create (and any track you like) with your friends, playable directly in their Facebook News Feed
Detailed information about listening and speaking to Facebook Radio is available on our help site here.

Being a new feature, we're hoping we got this right but expecting that it's not perfect, and so we're looking forward to your feedback on our help forum, or via email.