Friday, March 12, 2010

Tune in to SXSW: How to experience SXSW 2010 via an internet radio stream

I’m not at SXSW this year. Again.

But I almost feel like I'm there in Austin, eating 'Q and walking down 6th Street, because I'm tuned in to the "SXSW-List" channel on RadioWeave. I hear people reporting the goings on, tweets from attendees, and coverage of the products to be released and the bands that will play.


To preview the SXSW-List radio channel, go to
you don't need to be a member to preview that channel. You can also hear that channel from our iPhone app (available here) by adding that channel to your weave.


These are the channels in "SXSW-List" so far:
  • tag:sxsw - This channels holds any RadioWeave tracks that have been tagged with "sxsw". These may have been contributed from the RadioWeave website, or using our RadioWeave or Soundbiter iPhone apps.
  • twitter:#sxsw - This is a Twitter channel. It contains tweets hash-tagged with '#sxsw' and converted to speech via TTS. (If you care to add more related twitter channels, see RadioWeave twitter instructions)
  • sxsw AudioBoos - Boos tagged 'sxsw' and posted to from their website or iPhone app (BTW, AudioBoo launched their audio-blogging application one year ago at SXSW; Congratulations AudioBoo!)
  • sxsw:Huffduffer - This channel streams all items entered through the podcast-aggre-creator and tagged there with 'sxsw'
  • podcast:Scobelizer - Robert Scoble is at SXSW and using the Cinch audio-blogger to upload podcasts directly from an iPhone.
  • sxsw etc... - If I catch any SXSW-related information coming in that miss the above channels (e.g. uploads that weren't labeled, band recordings) I’ll also put them in this channel
If you have more suggestions for SXSW material that should get into the SXSW-List channel, let me know by emailing


RadioWeave content is all community created. You an add audio to the SXSW-List through any of these methods:
  • To give direct audio feedback to anything you hear on RadioWeave, press the microphone icon and reply directly with your computer microphone or your iPhone/iTouch. That audio will be available for all to hear in a few seconds.
  • Any content created on RadioWeave (e.g. microphone, URL, uploaded…) may be tagged with 'sxsw'
  • With our Soundbiter iPhone application, you can capture sounds, live music, & comments directly at the show. With Soundbiter you can immediately edit, tag (with 'sxsw') and upload directly into the radio.
  • Record with the AudioBoo iPhone app, tag ‘sxsw’ and upload to AudioBoo.
  • Import any audio to huffduffer, and tag ‘sxsw’
  • tweet with #sxsw and it might appear on RadioWeave. I say ‘might’ because there are approximately a gazillion tweets about sxsw this week. There’s no way to listen to them all so we only take a reasonable portion.
  • Create other channels or tags related to sxsw, and let me know about them

Instead of listening only to SXSW-List I suggest you add SXSW-List to your weave, so you can hear about SXSW along with many other informative and entertaining channels.

For more information about how to use RadioWeave, see

What was that SXSW-List URL again?

Keep Austin weird.

Modular podcasts (modcasts?)

Despite spending (what seems like) 100 hours every day working on RadioWeave, I’m not very good at describing the service. So it was nice to come across someone who can make a refreshingly good description of what we’re doing (at least with regard to podcasts), even though, as far as I know, he’s never used RadioWeave.

Andrew Dubber is publishing 30 days of ideas this month. In idea #4, he explains how a better radio can be formed by modularizing and reassembling content that is being made every day, and how it can benefit listeners and publishers.

It’s all about modularization, workflow, and magic!

So skip our own embarrassing attempts to describe the future of radio, and instead read Andrew Dubber - 30 days of ideas - 04